AKESOgen is a premier provider of Genetic Analysis Contract Research and Clinical Diagnostic and Clinical Trial Services for Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Academic and Government Research Institutions. More than a provider of services, AKESOgen is a colleague, a collaborator with our customers. Providing scientific expertise, the best in genomic analysis services and unparalleled, personalized customer service, we are partners in your process.


Genomic Analysis Expertise, Highest Data Quality:

The key to a successful Drug Development, Basic Research or Clinical Testing project is basing your analysis on data of the highest possible quality. Anything less can lead to incorrect conclusions, lost time and great expense. As scientists we understand that Data Quality and Accuracy is Everything. Thus, we apply the strictest process controls, laboratory process precision, state-of-the-art technology and our expertise borne of decades of experience to every project we undertake. Our CSO and co-founder, Dr. Mark Bouzyk, has spent 20 years in the genomic sciences field including 9 years at GlaxoSmithKline leading genetics laboratory sciences, 5 years overseeing a genetic analysis technology facility at Emory University and nearly 5 years at AKESOgen assisting scientists from BioPharmaceutical and Academic organizations. As an expert in this realm, Dr. Bouzyk possesses the vision to consult with clients on their projects, suggest innovative methods to achieve their goals, and direct the process to generate the data on which our clients rely. We use only genomics professionals in our laboratories because we know that to deliver the best possible data you need the best possible scientists.

  • Expertise in Genomics enables AKESOgen to advise and collaborate with clients to ensure their success
  • Process Control and attention to experimental processes yields highest quality, most accurate data available
  • CLIA Compliant Laboratory: Meeting the highest possible standards for performance


More than a Service Provider: A Partner to Expand Your Capabilities and Increase Your Productivity

Passionate about solving customer problems, AKESOgen offers a level of customer service that is unmatched by other providers of contract services regardless their size or financial standing as a privately/publicly funded laboratory. We function as a partner and collaborator with our customers. AKESOgen is customer-success focused and works with clients in a personalized manner that best meets their needs. This can take the form of advising/consulting on best approaches to solve scientific challenges, to customizing a service or process for optimal results, to offering expedited project turn-around times to meet vital deadlines. AKESOgen’s scientists take on the project as if the research were their own, dedicating whatever resources and time are necessary to achieve the desired outcome.

  • Partners in Customers’ Work: We function as a collaborator and a service provider
  • Flexible, Adaptable, Accommodating: We will customize projects to satisfy customer needs and ensure optimal results
  • Invested in Customer Success: Dedicated to deliver the best outcome in the most timely manner


Rapid Turn-Around: Outstanding Data Delivered in a Timely Manner to Meet Customers’ Deadlines

Getting projects done in a timely manner can be as important to the success of a project as achieving outstanding results. Meeting a grant deadline, or having the necessary data by the grant deadline to strengthen the application is vital; without that data the grant may fail or may have to be submitted at a later date. Getting rapid turn-around on a Drug Discovery project can mean the difference between a project moving forward to its next steps or facing delays due to resource allocation issues, potentially jeopardizing the project. AKESOgen understands this need and works diligently to meet or exceed customer deadlines. AKESOgen’s scientists are also communicative AND accessible so that customers know the status of their project and can plan accordingly. AKESOgen’s commitment to turning projects around rapidly keeps their customers at the leading edge of science.

  • Timeline Adherence: Keeping clients’ projects on-time or ahead of schedule to meet vital deadlines
  • Rapid Data Access: Keeps clients at the leading edge of science; first to publish or first to market as a result of rapid access to important data
  • Customized/Expedited Project Timelines: Available to meet clients’ needs


High Quality, Cost Effective Services in CLIA-Compliant Lab: The Best in Contract Services, Practically Priced

AKESOgen offers the highest value in the contract services industry. The Company’s laboratory is CLIA-Compliant and yet is able to provide its clients this regulatory component at the same cost (or lower) than non-compliant laboratories. The Company’s customers can rely on the highest level of performance and attain it at prices that are extremely competitive. In addition, when possible, AKESOgen’s scientists will offer methods to address customers’ challenges that are more cost-efficient than routine processes offered by other, less customer focused, organizations.

  • CLIA Compliant Lab with prices that meet or beat those of non-compliant contract research labs
  • The Company offers approaches that will meet customers’ needs while reducing project costs


CLIA compliant 11D2050537


Georgia License: 067-063


California License: COS 00800535

florida CLIA logo

Florida License: 800027707

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