AKESOgen has a commitment and passion to science and genomics that is present in all the work we do.

It is this commitment and drive of our lab staff that helps us offer high quality services to the research and clinical community.

IMG_5781 copy“I enjoy working at AKESOgen because it’s an environment that fosters scientific progress while using cutting edge technologies. I enjoy being at the forefront of genetic research in order to help understand and possibly help cure diseases and/or forms of cancer. I also feel valued at AKESOgen and I can tell that my opinion matters to the company, which is not common but very desirable in a job.”  – Sean





IMG_5673“I like working at AKESOgen because I am very interested in the cutting-edge gene diagnostic tests for clinical use.” –Jessica









IMG_5752“AKESOgen is a really fun place to work with a great culture. The company really values its people.” -Michelle









IMG_5704“One of the great aspects I enjoy at AKESOgen is the opportunity to learn and improve my skills. There are so many exciting and new technologies coming online almost on a daily basis. I can see why its a growing company.” -Alex








IMG_5693“I like working at AKESOgen because I am working for a cause greater than myself.” –Ricky









IMG_5787“AKESOgen is an awesome place to develop a scientific career. The bonus is the great people to interact with at all levels” -Kimberly









IMG_5686“The management at AKESOgen are so friendly and approachable. They really care about staff development.” -Jacklyn










IMG_6283“I have been very impressed with the management team here at AKESOgen and how responsive they are to staff needs.” -Melissa









IMG_6272“I really enjoy being in a company such as AKESOgen where there is a real buzz in this fast changing field of healthcare.” -Nicole









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