AKESOgen is meeting the challenges of genomic services by engaging in novel scientific and clinical initiative with leaders in academia, technology, pharma, biotechnology, diagnostics, genomics and data analysis. These collaborations are intended to help advance science in the area of genomics.

Our collaborators include:

  • Beckman Coulter Genomics
    • AKESOgen provides nucleic acid isolation extraction and library preparation solutions for Beckman Coulter Genomics (mostly for smRNA and FFPE derived materials).
  • Identitas
    • AKESOgen and Identitas have partnered to provide a comprehensive next generation forensic profiling solution. This technology is changing the field of forensic science with improved methods for bio-geographical ancestry. AKESOgen provides a complete genetic analysis solution in conjunction with Identitas ISAS software. The ISAS software analyses SNPs and outputs the details of the physical attributes linked to the DNA.
  • Targos Molecular Pathology
    • The AKESOgen and Targos partnership enables a comprehensive biomarker service for clinical trials and molecular pathology. Targos is a clinical biomarker services provider located in Kassel, Germany that formed this alliance to better serve their United States clients. Together, both companies plan to combine their expertise and continue to provide outstanding genomic and pathology services.


For more information relating to our partnerships please see our press release page.


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