AKESOgen offers a spectrum services in the genomics research field such as DNA isolation, Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), genotyping, expression profiling & methylation profiling and many others. Our services are designed to serve Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Diagnostic and Academic/Government research institutions. With our genomics expertise and our strict adherence to process control we deliver outstanding services, of the highest quality, performed in a timely manner to generate the results you need when you need them. We work closely with our clients, as partners, and will customize services to meet their scientific needs and better accomplish their scientific goals.

“As a fast growing CRO company, AKESOgen always provides prompt services and delivers high quality data, to allow its clients and partners to do jobs without worry. We are excited to move forward towards a collaboration and to be a business partner with AKESOgen.”

Dr. Yuhua Li, Assistant General Manager, Shanghai Biotechnology Corporation


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