New for 2015! 1-3 Day Global Biomarker Training Courses for Pathologists, Oncologists and Histotechnologists will be available – with a focus on new molecular pathology technologies.

Topics will include some or all of the following subjects and will take the form of didactic as well as practical training:

  • DNA and RNA isolation methodologies and Quality Control
  • Next Generation Sequencing applications in Diagnostics
  • Molecular Array technologies in Diagnostics
  • qPCR, expression and methylation analyses and applications
  • Standardization and biomarker testing related to IHC, FISH, CISH, SISH and ddISH
  • HER2 testing (FISH, IHC, CISH, SISH, ddISH)
  • EGFR IHC testing and ALK-FISH testing
  • Focus on quality control and standardization
  • Breast cancer pathology and correlation to clinical oncology
  • Gastric cancer pathology and correlation to clinical oncology
  • Lung cancer pathology and correlation to clinical oncology
  • Preceptorship meetings in pathology

In collaboration with the National Society of Histotechnologists, tool companies, pharmaceutical companies and thought leaders, AKESOgen will provide opportunities to the continued training of new physicians and histotechnologists. Continuing education credits will be provided.

For additional information please contact us at info@akesogen.com


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