AKESOgen is an ideal partner for outsourcing biobanking and genomic services. Our ability to reliably deliver high quality data cost effectively with rapid turnaround has made us a leading and efficient provider of services for BioPharmaceutical companies, meeting all regulatory requirements associated with clinical trials. Listed below are the services we offer along with feedback from a few of our clients noting their level of satisfaction with the projects we have performed for them and the great experiences that they have had with us.

“We were attracted to AKESOgen because of their outstanding quality and service orientated approach as well as their know how in molecular genetic technologies. The unique partnership with AKESOgen will allow us to expand our comprehensive suite of services that have successfully supported the pharma market for nine years. Through this collaboration, we will be able to better serve all of our customers in the US, with the unmatched quality and value-added services that we have established over the past nine years.”

Dr. Thomas Henkel, CEO of Targos

“We are very pleased to be working with AKESOgen. They are a leading provider of genetic technologies, with advanced capabilities, including next generation forensic profiling solutions,  and most importantly  excellent service This  combination is critical to advancing the future of  forensic investigation. We have already achieved success in several of recent projects that we have completed together.”

Laurence Rubin, CEO of Identitas



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