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Our CLIA compliant clinical laboratories offer, fully automated, high-throughput genomic capabilities. Our clinical services are provided in a cost-effective and timely manner.

Our flagship clinically validated molecular test is a microarray molecular diagnostic utilizing Illumina’s 850K beadchip technology and run on the iScan. The test is fully validated for assaying Copy Number Variations including deletions and duplications in a wide spectrum of cancers.

To our knowledge our facility is the only laboratory in the USA to offer a clinical oncology microarray based test detecting Copy Number Alterations utilizing FFPE material and Illumina Technology!

We believe our quality is second to none! Examples of data shown below utilizing Nexus software from Biodiscovery.


Our clinical operations have protocols in place to manage chain of custody and QA for all specimens. These include sample requisition forms, data acquisition, data management, storage, QC data analysis and clinical report forms. We have access to advanced software including Genome Studio, BlueFuse and Nexus.  Upon completion all data are uploaded to a secure FTP server for subsequent cytogenetic analysis prior to interpretation and report generation.

We offer a fast turnaround time for our microarray assay: from specimen receipt -5 business days for whole blood and bone marrow samples and 6 business days for FFPE cases prior to report generation.

A team of experienced clinically trained personnel processes the specimens and manages data to help ensure the highest quality results – and are available to answer questions at any time.


Our clinical laboratory facilities provide the following services:

  • Automated DNA purification

Automated DNA extractions from a variety of starting materials as required including fresh frozen tissue biopsies, blood, bone marrow, paraffin embedded formalin fixed tissue, etc.

Our DNA service laboratory utilizes the Maxwell® 16 MDx Instrument (AS3000, Promega). Designed for clinical labs this instrument can process up to 16 samples in 30-45 minutes. Low elution volume option allows processing samples from minimum input as low as 0.05 – 0.3 ml of bone marrow and blood respectively, for FFPE samples – minimum 5-7 sections of 0.5 microns thickness. The instrument uses prefilled reagent cartridges, simplifying setup, eliminates cross-contamination concerns associated with liquid handling platforms, provides reproducible results with consistent high yields. Alternatively, the Kingfisher Flex incorporating Qiagen chemistry can be utilized.

  • SNP genotyping service

Our Clinical facilities mainly utilize the Illumina 850K chips on the Illumina iScan platform.

The CytoSNP-850K BeadChip is a genome-wide array used for the analysis of genetic and structural variation relevant for use in both constitutional and cancer applications.

The CytoSNP-850K BeadChip offers approximately 850k markers with high-density coverage of 3,300 genomic regions, and also includes high-density coverage of subtelomeric regions, pericentromeric regions, and sex chromosomes.

BeadChip Illumina SNP array technology combines genotype and intensity information to detect chromosomal aberrations, enabling profiling of copy number and copy-neutral events such as absence of heterozygosity (AOH). The array also allows identification of low mosaicism level. 

AKESOgen’s clinical staff are currently developing a new portfolio of molecular tests for personalized medicine. Please watch this space as new clinically validated tests come online!

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CLIA compliant: 11D2050537


Georgia License: 067-063


California License: COS 00800535

Florida License: 800027707

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